My name is Gabriel

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When I was born to my human parents, it was immediately apparent that I was not like them – not entirely. I looked like a human baby in every other way, except that my eyes were golden and glowed brightly; the rare mark of an Aasimar and the result of the divine blood that coursed through my father’s veins. When …

Legion Raid Guides

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I’m consolidating information from the Icy Veins raid guides here because I got tired of clicking on all of the bosses individually whenever I needed a reference. Also, the videos are updated to the live versions of FatBosses’ “bitesize” videos instead of the full length beta ones that Icy Veins has listed. Enjoy. Update: Bitesize video playlist for The Nighthold …

Why the NFL’s ratings are down 15%

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According to this Washington Post article, the NFL’s ratings are down 15% this season from last season. The article seems to blame “cable cutting” and the political shit storm the United States finds itself in currently, but I’m not so sure about that. While cable cutting is, in fact, a direct threat to some of the NFL’s products such as …

Agnes Obel – Stretch Your Eyes

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I’ve never heard anything like this ever, but it’s amazing and currently sitting at 26k views on YouTube (somehow). I heard it on All Songs Considered and got all the frissons. Every one of them.

HBO’s Westworld is really good.

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Westworld is a new show on HBO about a theme park that puts human “guests” inside of a story that is set in the American wild west in the 1800’s. The actors, or “hosts”, in the story are played by near-human robots that have artificial intelligence. Each story is scripted but it can be altered by the guests as they …

Bands Discussed in Dynamic Banter #12: Magnets

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Episode 12 – Magnets (Leave an iTunes Rating & Review) Normally I do a TL;DL but this week I decided to be constructive instead of the trolling I normally do because Mike and Steve go into a topic I really love: music. In case any Dynamic Banter listeners are lost when it comes to this discussion, I’m going to link …