Legion Raid Guides

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I’m consolidating information from the Icy Veins raid guides here because I got tired of clicking on all of the bosses individually whenever I needed a reference. Also, the videos are updated to the live versions of FatBosses’ “bitesize” videos instead of the full length beta ones that Icy Veins has listed. Enjoy. Update: Bitesize video playlist for The Nighthold …

Agnes Obel – Stretch Your Eyes

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I’ve never heard anything like this ever, but it’s amazing and currently sitting at 26k views on YouTube (somehow). I heard it on All Songs Considered and got all the frissons. Every one of them.

HBO’s Westworld is really good.

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Westworld is a new show on HBO about a theme park that puts human “guests” inside of a story that is set in the American wild west in the 1800’s. The actors, or “hosts”, in the story are played by near-human robots that have artificial intelligence. Each story is scripted but it can be altered by the guests as they …

Bands Discussed in Dynamic Banter #12: Magnets

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Episode 12 – Magnets (Leave an iTunes Rating & Review) Normally I do a TL;DL but this week I decided to be constructive instead of the trolling I normally do because Mike and Steve go into a topic I really love: music. In case any Dynamic Banter listeners are lost when it comes to this discussion, I’m going to link …

TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To From Now Til October

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My wife and I love television, like a lot, so I decided to dig into the upcoming fall schedule to figure out what we shouldn’t be missing. This list is a compilation of that research and based entirely upon how interesting the trailers looked to me. I think there are some really great shows coming out this fall. Enjoy. Gamorrah …

My Favorite Covers of All Time

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The Sundays – Wild Horses (Original by The Rolling Stones) This song is better with a female vocalist, hands down. When the chorus comes in, it’s instant frisson for me. Every time. I barely like the Rolling Stones’ version, which probably makes me some sort of a rock pariah, but hey, that’s just like, my opinion, man. Ryan Adams – …