Into the dark.

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Everything turned black. One moment I was reading Wikipedia and clearing a smudge off of my monitor and the next, I was in the darkest place I’d ever been in before.

“What.. What the hell?!”

I could hear my words fleeing from me in terror — fleeing down a long corridor that lead to infinity. Was I dead? Did the world explode? I felt around desperately for anything real to touch and bring me back to reality, but there was nothing. I felt around my feet, touching the cold and clammy stone beneath me. Finally. Something real.

“At least it’s not complete limbo,” I assured myself. “I guess I’m not dead.”

My phone blurted out a reminder to take my afternoon pills. Wait! My phone! I rapidly dug it out of my pocket and fumbled around trying to unlock it so that I could use my flashlight app. Once unlocked, the phone gave off just enough light to reveal a wall behind me that was covered in crudely drawn figures that I could barely make out. It was a familiar place but I didn’t know where I’d seen them.

“Shit,” I remembered aloud. “I forgot to charge it.”

The battery indicator was a deep red rectangle teetering on the edge of a cliff. It was a goner. I pulled up the last picture I’d taken of my wife and daughter. A bright and sunny day in Orlando, Florida — our very first trip to Disney World as a family. My daughter was dressed up like a princess and grinning from ear to ear. My wife was eating a corn dog.

With tears streaming down my face, I touched my daughter’s face for the last time before my phone died.